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GC Vertical Inline pumps GC Vertical In-line pumps
Extensively used in building services applications for the circulation of hot and cold water, and for arduous industrial duties, the GC pump range is particularly favoured for its compact design and small footprint. An extensive range of pumps with discharge sizes from 40mm to 300mm.

HT Horizontal split casing pumps HT Horizontal split casing pumps
Features: Double suction single stage impeller, axially split casing, and impeller between bearings for low shaft stress. Packed gland, mechanical seal or cartridge seal Horizontal or vertical configuration High efficiency hydraulic design Stable head-flow curves for parallel operation Benefits Flanges in-line to simplify pipe layout.

ISF heavy duty process pumps ISF heavy duty process pumps
Conforming to ISO 2858 and ISO 5199 standards, the Apex ISF range of heavy duty pumps is ideal for demanding applications handling water, chemicals and hydrocarbons at temperatures up to 140 deg C. Pumps are of modular construction and are available in a wide variety of materials.

MSS vertical multistage pumps MSS vertical multistage pumps
Manufactured almost entirely from stainless steel, which are precision pressed and welded to form efficient hydraulic components. MSS pumps are highly efficient and economical. Features: All stainless steel construction, quiet operation, compact size, single mechanical seal, high efficiency hydraulic design, and stable head-flow curves.

MH Horizontal multistage pumps MH horizontal multistage pumps
Apex multistage pumps are specifically designed for operation in buildings, with virtually no noise or vibration. Horizontal units are supplied complete with bedplate, coupling, guard and electric motor. Diesel driven units can also be supplied. The multistage design, using several impellers in series, generates high pressure...

TBN Belt drive pumps TBN Belt drive pumps
Apex TBN belt drive pumps are single stage end suction pumps supplied with an electric motor. The complete range comprises 37 different pump sizes, making the range one of the most comprehensive series of pumps available. Details of the pump type and model, serial number and operating data are indicated.

TC Close coupled pumps TC Close coupled pumps
One of the broadest ranges of pumps available from any British manufacturer, with discharge sizes from 32 mm to 250 mm. Widest choice of materials of construction and options to suit many industrial and building services specific requirements. Stainless steel pumps built from stock components.

TD single stage pumps TD single stage pumps
A broad range of single stage centrifugal pumps to DIN24255 standard, with a greater number of pump sizes than any other British manufacturer. Discharge sizes from 32 mm to 250 mm. Widest choice of materials of construction and options to suit many industrial and building services specific requirements.

API 610 pumps API 610 pumps
Conforming to API 610 standards, the Apex API range of heavy duty pumps is designed for the most onerous duties handling hydro carbons and chemicals at high temperatures and pressures.

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